Mother Nature Gets Her Way


Founder and Co-owner

This process started prior to us ever cutting a tree or moving an ounce of dirt. We are committed to co-creating with nature and Ubuntu unfolds. We work with Machelle Smith work regarding Perelandra. This means we are in communication with Ubuntu about how will co-create this land into a safe haven, for souls to show up. We communed with Ubuntu to understand where the main building and all supporting buildings and gardens that will come to be here. When we purchased the land the building, water and septic were all plotted out. For the most part, it was all in agreement with Ubuntu, there was one exception and an amazing story to read if this piques your interest. When we arrived at Ubuntu in May of 2018 the goal was to get the infrastructure all set up for the Air Stream to have full hook-ups. During this process, we had to address the location of the well, and septic with the excavator. We talked through our current needs and the possibility of a future home structure in Ubuntu. While the location of the Air Stream would be across from all the infrastructure, we found that we needed to think into a future state around the growth of Ubuntu.

Over the next week, I spent time sitting in the prospective areas we had identified or had been identified for the lot prior to us purchasing. I have been working with energy and nature divas over the past couple of years and spent a lot of time with the energy sources in each area. The septic system was an easy yes, not friction or concerns from any source. We moved along to the well location and it was quickly a no. I checked in a few more times and this did not change. The dilemma we faced is the location was already permitted and to move the location we would need to apply for a new permit and that would have an added cost and a couple of weeks of wait time.

The location that was shown to me was just 15 feet from the location it was permitted so we made the decision to move forward. While it did not feel
great to me it did seem the best path considering all constraints. The location of the house was one I had to visit many times as I was not able to get a solid response from the energy there. It was going to require that a fair number of trees be removed and that was concerning to Carrie and me.
On the fourth visit of sitting on the location that was allotted for a future house I felt a warm presence come to be with me. It was like sitting next to an old friend where words are not needed. I got a feeling of being understood and an acknowledgement of a shared vision. I also felt a deep wound and at the
time did not understand. There was no resistance to the wound just an acknowledgement that it was a parr of the journey. It was not clear if the wound was in my energy field for the earth I was being with. I left this session knowing we were no in a deep partnership with nature.

In July of 2018, Spafford’s well drilling team showed up to drill the well. I remember feeling both excited and anxious about the process. It felt like we were drilling for treasure and in fact a clean water source is just that and one of the main reasons I was called to move to an area that could provide this. The set up took a bit, however not long into the process the drill broke in the ledge. When we all gathered to access the situation, we learned this had not happened in 35 years, so not a common event at all. I remember my heart leaping for joy, anticipating what was next. Yes, you guessed it, the well site could only move in one direction, due to what us was around, and it was moved to the very location I had identified from the beginning. It was a moment of settling in for me, the knowledge that I was becoming more and more comfortable and the partnership with nature was settling in. We have the drill bit to
remind us to listen to nature and act accordingly.

The following year we returned as you know (if you read the blog linked above) to build Ubuntu. Early in the process of the build, we learned we would need to blast in one corner of the foundation. The feeling of wounding came into my body with a rush. I let it come and relaxed into it as I was keenly aware that this was a part of nature’s willingness to co-create with us. The rocks we received from the blast are placed throughout the property and it is so humbling to see them daily. We have deep gratitude for this gift of partnership here at Ubuntu.

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