The Ubuntu Experience: Your Inner Journey


There are times in your life when a Pause knocks on your soul’s door. These calls for pause are often heard in times of transition, transformation, and trauma. If you choose to listen, you will know with every cell of your humanness that now is the time. 

Are you hearing the voice inside you become louder, more hopeful, and eager to begin your journey? Then the year long Ubuntu experience is for you.

365 Days

So often, we learn amazing new theories and skills, yet do not have the time to integrate and practice them inside the same container we learned them to make adjustments and acknowledge barriers we did not see, then wipe off the dirt from a failed attempt. 

When you join us for this year-long journey, you come to live at Ubuntu for 6 months May 1- Oct 15 for deep immersive work with the Ubuntu family, mind, body, and soul. January-May is virtual work to prep for the Ubuntu experience.  November and December are your reentry into your world and integration work done virtually. You will learn new tools that offer priceless insights into you; you will confirm things you already know and equally blow some of the things you thought you knew apart. 

P.S. We can custom tailor this program as well, so if it is calling you and the set up described above does not feel like it can work, we can co-create something that will.  

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1-on-1 Sessions
With Lexy.

You will have virtual and in-person 1:1 sessions with Lexy (and team) throughout the year. This amazing body of work will assist you in uncovering your soul’s life map, the one you came in with and may have lost the directions to. 

You know the way; your guides and teachers are waiting patiently. We would be honored to travel with you, back to your map, and offer tools, guidance, love, community, and accountability toward living the life you came to live. 

The Ubuntu

We have several fun, innovative, and energizing ways to help you create a plan for your Ubuntu Experience. Each Ubuntu Experience is customized to you. We have the tools, have done the work ourselves, and are eager and ready to guide you along your journey. 

Together, we will create a plan that will work for you. Co-creation offers fertile ground for transformation. 

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